Mines and Meadows Resort atv utv and dirt bike riding

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Mines And Meadows Resort Atv Utv And Dirt Bike Riding

On May 21, 2014, Bob Svihra passed away after his long battle with cancer.  What follows are Bob's thoughts, shared in his own words, about his reasons for building Mines & Meadows and his vision for the future.

"Although I have spent nearly 40 years as a successful risk taker and entrepreneur in Western Pennsylvania, I probably still surprised many local developers when I decided to invest nearly $2 million of my own money into development of an ATV riding resort like Mines & Meadows. I have felt driven to do this project by some basic beliefs: a love for the sport, its great camaraderie, and an intense desire to pass along some of the joy I've found to others that might not otherwise have the opportunity. My goal is ultimately to provide ATV riders with the country club atmosphere they deserve. Cynics might say that at more than 70 years of age, I will never recoup my investment; they may be right. I prefer to think that providing a state of the art resort where friends and families can congregate and enjoy this wonderful sport is my way of giving something back."

To all our loyal customers, thank you for your continued patronage and for helping us keep Bob's dream alive!

The Staff and Management of Mines & Meadows

Founder Bob Svihra