Rentals must be reserved with Appalachian Adventures

Reserving your adventure with Appalachian Adventures is just the first step! Upon Arrival at Mines and Meadows you'll need to come check-in at our main office to pay for your normal admission separately. (We left that part out of the rental prices just to keep things a little simpler on our end) Once you're checked-in and ready to go, our Appalachian Adventure rep will get you squared up with your machine!


Appalachian Adventures now offers us ATV rentals, and we took full advantage of it! After a short time of not having rentals available, we knew that you, the people, wanted to come ride with us at Mines and Meadows. But not everyone has their own machine. Soon to be on-site in mid April, Appalachian Adventures has your machine here and ready for you! Check out their website or call to for more information and to reserve your rental date!

ATV RENTALS​ by Appalachian Adventures - Now Open

Our Process

They will teach you the basics on everything you need to know to operate your rental machine safely! Rentals include DOT Approved helmets and protective eyewear. Once you feel that you are comfortable on your rental, you're off to have the adventure of a lifetime!

​Renters still must fill out a Mines and Meadows Waiver!