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PA DCNR / ASI Safety Training

PA law requires youngsters aged 8-15 to complete one of these courses before operating an ATV on lands not owned by their parent or guardian.  Most major ATV manufacturers provide incentives to cover the cost of these courses.

  • The ATV Safety Institute RiderCourse is free for anyone who has purchased a new, qualifying ATV from an ASI member company and may qualify for up to a $100 incentive.
  • Students completing the ATV safety course will also be given a 20% discount toward the purchase of a Mines & Meadows Day Pass. Loaner ATV's are available for those who wish to take the course and do not own an ATV, or those wishing to bring along a family member.  
  • Classes may be scheduled during the week by appointment only. Students should bring helmets with face shield or goggles, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, pants, long-sleeved shirt,and ATVs and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time. The ATV Safety Institute Course lasts approximately 4 hours and costs $55 for riders 6 - 15yrs and $150 for riders 16 yrs and older if they do not qualify for free training with their ATV purchase. The PA DCNR Courses last 3 hrs and costs $50 per person.  All students must contact our instructors for class scheduling or equipment rentals. 
  • About our Instructors: Eric Dennison is a licensed ATV Safety Institute and PA DCNR instructor. Classes taught in Ohio and PA by appointment only. He can be reached at (330)885-6509 cell, or by email at edennisonve@yahoo.com. Ron Dennison is also a licensed ATV Safety Institute and PA DCNR instructor. He can be reached at (330)542-2747 home or (330)717-8710 cell. Evening classes available upon request. Please note: The ATV Safety Institute classes are usually scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and require 3-4 hours to complete. To schedule an appointment for PA DCNR certification or an ASI safety class, please call Ron or Eric at the numbers listed above.

TMC Pro-Stats Riding Academy

On the trail rider training teaches the proper techniques to ride any trail like the PROs with confidence! 

Adults $150     Youth $100 (15 and under)

What You Will Learn:

  • Bike/ATV Setup
  • Proper use of Controls
  • Turns and Proper Body Posture
  • Uphill Sections/Downhill Sections
  • U-Turns and Traverses
  • Off-Camber Sections
  • Riding Over Obstacles
  • Ruts · Water Crossings · Muddy Conditions
  • Trail Safety

TMC Pro-Stats

(724) 776-6546

Call TMC Pro-Stats, Inc with any questions or to enroll.  Classes are forming now.